GRABNER personal flotation devices

There are 3 different kinds of GRABNER personal flotation devices which are worn directly on the body (= personal protective equipment):

  • Learning to swim aids
  • Buoyancy aids
  • Life jackets (3 different kinds of. L.J.)

Learning to swim aids EN 13138

Application of use:

For babies and children. Buoyancy aids for learning to swim should support and ease the learning to swim process for persons (in particular children).
They should provide buoyant support to the user in the water, and enable him to retain correct body swim-posture.

Learning to swim-aids provide a correct measure of buoyancy to support children in the water and to prevent “sinking” under water. Learning to swim-aids though are no buoyancy aids or life-jackets and may only be used under qualified expert supervision!

GRABNER Learning to swim aids :

Life Jacket Type 100 - EN 395 (ISO EN 12402 / part 4)

Range of use:

Suitable for children and adults, for inshore waters, and waters relatively protected and calm. Limited protection against unconsciousness provided (subject to type of clothing). Minimum lift-buoyancy for an average adult 100 N.

Life-jacket Typ 100 - firmly surrounds, and holds the body in correct position, so that mouth and nose are kept above water, even when the person is exhausted or unconscious.
The ability to roll the body into a unconscious safe position is limited. Ability to roll-over very much depends on clothing worn.

Grabner Life Jacket Type 100: